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Choosing the best outdoor fountain for your landscape should not be a process you spend minimal time on because it is a long-lasting purchase.

Did you know this?
Outdoor fountains can last for HUNDREDS of years!

You may feel swamped due to the overwhelming choices of outdoor fountains on the market. The goal of this site is to help you feel more comfortable with your decision to purchase an outdoor fountain, and we hope you consider visiting Carved Stone Creations when you decide upon what type of fountain you want for your landscape.

1 Types of Outdoor Fountains
2 Size and Location of the Outdoor Fountain
3 How to Choose a Finial (The top ornament of tiered outdoor fountains)
4 Granite, Bronze, Marble, Concrete, or Limestone?
5 Above or Underground?
6 When and Where to Purchase
7 Outdoor Fountain Installation

Step 1) Choose your type

There are many types of outdoor fountains. Here is a list of each type and a description to help you know which is the correct one for you.

Animal Outdoor Fountains - Frog
Animal Fountains For the lovers of nature, animal fountains may be a smart choice. They typically "spit" water out of their mouths, such as the frog displayed here. These outdoor fountains are typically made on a smaller scale, but can be customized to any size.
Bubbling Outdoor Fountains Bubbling Fountains Bubbling fountains are among the simplest of fountain designs. Water is pumped to the top of the fountain with enough pressure to bubble over the top of a hole. Too much water pressure would cause the water to reach higher, defeating the purpose of a bubbling outdoor fountain.
Bronze Metal Outdoor Fountains Bronze Fountains
Although they most commonly are, bronze fountains do not have to be statues. Bronze can  be formed into any shape or form. Since they are metal, these outdoor fountains shine as long as they are cleaned properly.
Contemporary Outdoor Fountains
Contemporary Fountains* Contemporary outdoor fountains are a mix of other types. They are those which are designed with a present-time approach. It depends upon what you want your landscape to feel modern or not. Again, fountains in other categories may also be contemporary. (Contemporary pedestals, contemporary statues, etc.)
Floating Outdoor Fountains - Sphere and Ring
Floating Fountains Floating outdoor fountains often become focal points of gardens, lawns, and other areas of landscape. This is simply because they will bring out your guests' curiosities. Extremely heavy natural stones float on nothing other than water. The water pressure rotates the ring or sphere, creating a very unique outdoor fountain.
Pedestal Outdoor Fountains
Pedestal Fountains* Pedestal outdoor fountains only mean that the design incorporates a pedestal, a stone support structure. Anything, such as floating spheres, statues, bubblers, finials, or rocks can  be put on top of the pedestal.
Rock and Boulder Outdoor Fountains
Rock / Boulder Fountains These are very self-explanatory. They are outdoor fountains made of large rocks or boulders. Water is pumped through the rock and released at one or multiple locations.
Statue or statuary Outdoor Fountains
Statuary Fountains Artistically more advanced than other designs, statuary outdoor fountains make wonderful additions to landscapes. They can also be a more accurate display of your personality than other fountains. There are happy statues, angry statues, and everything in between.
Outdoor Fountains with Multiple Tier Tiered Levels
Tiered Fountains* If you want more than one level on your outdoor fountain, then the tiered type is for you. These are typically larger than other fountains and look great with fountain surrounds. Good-looking tiered fountains have one to six tiers, with two and three tiers being most common.
Grecian Urn Outdoor Fountains
Urn Fountains Urns have very large water basins. They also might have an additional, small tier. The more decorative the better with these outdoor fountains.
Exterior Wall Fountains
Wall Fountains As the name implies, wall fountains are attached to walls. Depending on the material, they can be suitable for both interior and exterior walls.

Once you know what type of fountain you like, then go ahead and narrow your search down to an individual fountain design.

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Step 2) How big, and can it fit?

Depending on your circumstances for having a fountain, you probably do not want it to dwarf out everything next to it. Then again, you don't want the fountain to be so small you cannot even see it. Keep this in mind as you choose the size and location of your fountain.

This might seem a little too obvious, but it is very important that you measure the dimensions of the spot you have selected for the fountain.

If you are getting your fountain custom designed, then your designer will ask you for the dimensions. However, if you are shopping for the fountain on your own, it is important to take this initiative.

Go to the seller's website catalog or paper catalog to research the exact dimension of the fountain you have in mind. Then, compare your recorded dimensions to make sure the fountain will fit in the spot you intend.

If the location happens to be a large, open space, then this may not be a problem.

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Step 3) Choosing finials for outdoor fountains

Some outdoor fountain companies such as CSC will allow you to select a finial.

       A finial is the stone ornament on top of a fountain, such as a three-tiered outdoor fountain. NOTE: Not all fountains allow for the use of finials.

Finial fountain types are marked with an asterisk (*). If your fountain type allows for a finial, continue here. If not, go to step four

Your choice of finial can greatly affect the overall look of a particular fountain. It can affect the balance and symmetry greatly.

It is important to get the correct sized and shaped finial to fit the top of your outdoor fountain.

Here are several examples of finials:

An acorn shaped finial
A kneeling angel finial
Two birds as a finial
Love birds
An urn finial
Carved frog finial
An acanthus finial
A pineapple chaped finial
A finial in the shape of a spiral ball
Spiral Ball

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Step 4) What type of stone or rock should my outdoor

fountain be made of?

The material you choose is relative to how long you want the fountain to last. Some materials last hundreds of years longer than others. Here is a table of information to help you decide. (Hint: Granite is the best, but that's just a hint—you can decide.)

concrete-material.gif Concrete Concrete is not a good option for long-lasting outdoor fountains, but it is very low-cost. It will crack and chip over time, especially in freezing and thawing climates.
limestone-material.png Limestone This is sedimentary natural rock. Although the Great Pyramids were made from this stone, it erodes over time.
marble-material.png Marble Marble is a porous rock which can soak in dirty liquids and other impurities. It is not used outdoors in colder climates due to freezing and thawing. It also cannot handle deep acid cleaners.
bronze-material.gif Bronze Bronze will patina over time, meaning its surface will change color. It allows for a very high level of detail. Outdoor fountains made of bronze will last almost indefinitely.
resin-material.jpg Resin
Resin is an engineered material. It is lightweight and strong, and it will mostly withstand the weather. It lasts longer than concrete, but not as long as the natural stones.
granite-material.png Granite If you want your outdoor fountain to last generations, or hundreds of years, then granite is the correct material for you. It can be acid washed for easy cleaning, and it will NOT crack due to freezing winters. It will NOT wear away due to elemental damage.

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Step 5) Do you want your fountain's water above ground

or underground?

With the invention of underground water basins, your outdoor fountain can let its water fall to the ground to be collected.
OR you can let the fountain collect the water with the pump in the fountain's above-ground basin.

Here is a video that shows how a fountain with an underground basin could look:

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Step 6) Where and when should I purchase my outdoor


The best place to purchase an outdoor fountain would be a natural stone specialty store or showroom. This is not, however, your only option. You could purchase your fountain from large discount retailers, but they may not be able to  accommodate your needs. Specialty  companies  will have all the resources available for you.

When to purchase an outdoor fountain depends upon where you live. If you live in a warm-weathered region, then any time of the year is fine. However, if where you live is currently cold, you will have to wait for warmer weather, or consider an indoor fountain for now. This is due to installation procedures. An epoxy has to be able to set on the fountain and dry.
Find granite fountains at Carved Stone Creations

Have an outdoor fountain custom designed for you!

Your imagination is the only limit to how we can design your outdoor fountain.

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Step 7) Outdoor fountain installation

If you purchased your fountain from a specialty company, then they will most likely install the fountain for you. If you imported it from a company far away, then you could attempt the installation on your own.

Depending on the size and sheer weight of your outdoor fountain, it might still be a good idea to hire professionals.

If the fountain is small enough for you to handle, then go for it. If your fountain requires an auto fill hose, then you will have to purchase additional accessories for that purpose.

Your fountain should come with an installation manual, or you can request one. You will need to know how to set up the pump and filter for your particular fountain.

Some tools and things you may need are these: hammers, power drills, saws, socket wrenches, crimps, tape measures, levels, shovels, strength (possibly a lift?), and gloves.

As part of the installation, you may choose to put gravel, stones, or event cement around the base of your outdoor fountain.

Here is a video of a three-tiered outdoor fountain being professionally installed:

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